The OPEN Network

Who is OPEN?

OPEN is a network of men and women who are using their places of work to witness for Jesus among the least reached peoples of the world.

OPEN operates via the internet. We are flexible, fast connecting, utilizing the network and our experiences to build more effective Christ-like ministries, businesses, families and communities. Likewise we encourage and model field coaching and accountability as is appropriate to the needs and economies of the cultures we work in. We are bound together by nothing more than our allegiance to Jesus and our commitment to one another.

OPEN provides a network for facilitating, servicing, and coaching B4Ters through relationships built on trust.

OPEN Huddles are key to building trust with each other. Huddles are annual meetings of field BAM workers held in three locations. Each Huddle’s attendance is capped at 40 and is by invitation only.

OPEN Mission Statement

The OPEN Network exists to upgrade, serve and facilitate overseas professionals and B4T workers who are currently working in the 10/40 Window. Our emphasis is on those places and peoples where there is little or no correct understanding of Jesus’ life and work.